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How to read a journal article

Do your students demonstrate frustration or lack understanding when reading journal articles?  Are you a research administrator who wants to leverage available information for your researchers but needs some tips on the most efficient ways to gather that info?cropped-cropped-toolkit-24157707-copy.jpg

Check out the summary (2013) below by Frederique Laubepin, Ph.D., an Instructional Learning Senior at the Inter-­‐university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).  Dr. Laubepin provides an overview of basic information about journal articles.  She also summarizes the components of an article as well as strategies for purposeful reading.  Even though journal articles can be challenging to read, when one understands the structure of an article, understanding content becomes easier.  Check out the Resources for Students section to download a PDF of Dr. Laubepin’s essay.

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