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VassarStats: Calculators for Statistical Table Entries

Richard Lowry, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Emeritus from Vassar College has created a site dedicated to the free dissemination of statistical resources. Its various computational components are programmed entirely in JavaScript   All calculations are performed within your browser. There is no transmission of data back and forth between your computer and the server.cropped-cropped-toolkit-24157707-copy.jpg

The best web browsers for using this site are Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.  Internet Explorer is not recommended.  Explorer will not respond to some of the programming on this site unless you modify the browser’s security settings.

Calculators for Statistical Table Entries include:

  • z to P
  • chi-square to P
  • t to P
  • r to P
  • F to P
  • Fisher r-to-z transformation
  • critical values of Q
  • odds & log odds.

Go to VassarStats, then choose “Utilities” from the menu shown on the left-sided purple column.  Click on the link “Statistical Table Calculators”.  See below for screen print of results from a sample conversion.

sample of results from Statistical Tables Calculator