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Keeping up with the NIH grants policy makers…

We’ve all been there when an NIH grants administration policy upended proposal development (remember the page limitation changes a few years ago?) or award management processes (RPPR, anyone?) especially when minimal advance warning of new policy implementation was provided.   cropped-cropped-toolkit-24157707-copy.jpgIn response to user needs, NIH recently launched a resource to help navigate upcoming changes in grants administration. Their grants policy page now houses an interactive timeline of upcoming changes in grants administration. Keep in mmd that the NIH Guide is still the official vehicle for policy announcements, but now guide notices will be added to the timeline based on when policies take effect.


For example, did you realize…

  • NIH is transitioning to a new format for reporting sex/gender, race, and ethnicity information in non-competing progress reports for awards with start dates on/after October 1, 2014?
  • New biosketch format extends page limit from 4 to 5 pages and allows researchers to describe up to 5 of their most significant contributions as of Jan. 1, 2015?

Mark your calendars now!

Upcoming Changes in Grants Administration

Upcoming Changes in Grants Administration